How does BPH harm?

June 16, 2023

Prostatic obstruction plays a major role in causing poor urinary flow stream and leads to a plethora of lifestyle difficulties in men at the peak of their professional & personal life. As BPH continues to worsen it poses a significant threat not only to the urinary tract and the urinary bladder but eventually to the kidney function. Hence prompt relief of Urinary flow is of vital importance. A progressive obstruction not only leads to symptoms like very weak urinary stream, interrupted urinary flow, Urinary tract infection (UTI), straining to pass urine, burning and pain while passing urine but also causes repeated visits to the restroom which is of significance bother to men amidst their routine as it adversely effects their professional productivity and significantly impairs QoL. Frequency during the night popularly known as Nocturia causes sleep fragmentation and results in daytime fatigue, loss of focus, tiredness, and is associated with high risk of falls and fractures.